Brenda's Munchkins Child Care is a family day care in Lebanon Connecticut, offering daycare, childcare, and babysitting services in eastern Connecticut.

References / Testimonials

My son went to Brenda Lee’s daycare for close to 10 years, starting when he was 5 months old. During that time, Brenda provided everything we had been looking for in a child care provider. Eli grew up alongside Brenda’s own children and was treated like a member of the family. She helped him learn to walk, celebrated the appearance of his first tooth, hugged him when he was upset and cheered his accomplishments.

On his first day of preschool, she kissed his hand and told him to put the kiss in his pocket in case he needed one while he was at school. She read to him, helped him learn his letters and numbers and, later, made sure he sat down to do homework after school. When Eli was diagnosed with asthma at a year old, Brenda learned how to manage it right along with us. Eli’s last day at Brenda’s was filled with tears and he spent the next several weeks asking to go back.

It’s been 7 years since he left Brenda’s but she still remembers his birthday every year and they’re in touch through Facebook. For 10 years Brenda provided a safe, loving and fun environment for Eli. She truly helped us raise him. He wouldn’t be the person he is today without her help.

Eden E.

First of all, I would like to thank Brenda for being the mom I couldn't be when I had to work and couldn't always be there for my boys. Brenda cared for my two boys from 1997 until 2007. I couldn't imagine anyone else taking care of them as well as she did! I interviewed other day care providers around town before Brenda's Munchkins and she surpassed them all. My children are now fourteen and nine. I know I was blessed to have her help me raise my two little boys for ten years! I wish every parent who needs a loving day care calls Brenda's Munchkins. :)

Chrissy D.

My son LOVES going to Brenda's Munchkins day care! Now that he is in school full time he looks forward to vacation days when he gets to go to Brenda's! Yes, he says he "gets" to go, like its a prize. If he can't be home with me I am thrilled that he is somewhere where he feels safe, has fun, and is loved — truly a home away from home. His face lights up when he sees Brenda and he usually is having so much fun that I get a "ugh, that was fast" when I pick him up at the end of the day.

I would recommend Brenda's Munchkins to anyone looking for childcare. She is wonderful!

Jami M.

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